Stay Safe !

Hi Customers,

Due to COVID-19, we are seeing delays in package delivery. Our staff has been comprised due to this pandemic. Also it takes longer for our necklaces to be delivered.

We are keeping contact with USPS to ensure that all of your orders are delivered. Furthermore, you may see your order in 'Pending Arrival' or 'Pending Package Acceptance' for longer than expected. Keep in mind, when you see these statuses your order is shipped. 

In terms of production and safety, Trendy Jewlz has made effort to ensure packages are sanitized properly before shipments. As of result of these efforts, our products may take up to 8 to 12 days instead of 8 to 10 days for production with a 7 to 15 day delivery due to carrier delays. However, our team is working hard to get items created and shipped without losing our great quality! 

Here at Trendy Jewlz, we would like to ask for your patience and gratitude to our hardworking carriers during this time. They are working a fast as possible to deliver your orders. 

As always please reach out if you have concerns but more importantly stay safe! 


Trendy Jewlz Team :)